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Students and oral health – why don’t students go to the dentist and how can we help?

At dentalhouse, we are aware that students often neglect their oral health for many reasons, like money, time and anxiety/fear.

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Students are commonly on tight budgets. In the same token, they prioritize studying and school, and finding the time to see the dentist is hard. This often induces stress, which in turn leads to poor oral hygiene, as stress impedes the body’s ability to fight off periodontal pathogens.

More importantly, it is not uncommon for individuals to believe that their oral health is unimportant. Students are more likely to feel they can spend both their time and money on other, more critical things.

Food selection is yet another reason why students are particularly susceptible to dental caries. This can be attributed to their high sugar, high caffeine diets and their snacking throughout the day.

It is imperative that students are educated about the importance of oral health.

Our 5 convenient dentalhouse locations makes it a priority to educate our patients. Education can motivate students to make time to see the dentist, despite their busy schedules. Implementing educational initiatives in grade schools, high schools and universities highlights and promotes oral health care. Including tips to reduce the incidence of dental caries, such as oral hygiene instructions, reducing snacking in between meals, and consuming less sugar and acidic foods is key.

Additionally, schools should promote any dental coverage plans they offer for students. This would encourage students to take advantage of the discount to better their oral health. Effective stress-management strategies, like yoga, for example, can help students when they are feeling overwhelmed.

At dentalhouse, we offer student financing plans to help cover the costs of dental treatment.

On another note, fear and anxiety are one of the greatest impediments to dentistry. Oftentimes, fear and anxiety instilled in children stems from their parents. For example, if a parent has a strong fear of the dentist, the child is more likely to have that same fear. Fear can also be based on previous experience in the dental chair. Negative reactions to local anaesthesia, needle phobia, pain as well as the lack of control contribute to feelings of uneasiness in the dental office.

That’s what our team is here for though – reducing your dental anxiety!

Regardless of your reason, it’s always important to make sure that your oral health care is a priority.

Are you a student in need of dental care? Contact our office to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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